12 comments on “Hi, My name is Davecat and my wife is a doll, HUH?

  1. DON’T JUDGE!!! Davecat has found his own unique way to deal with this already crazy world. He aint hurtin nobody!!

  2. I saw the whole clip on TV. Davecat’s affection for dolls that cannot reject him –is his disorder that gets weirder by the day. It is quite possible that Dave cat wanted a real woman, but could not handle the repeated rejection. Now that his love for Near-Women (dolls) has been exposed along with current inability to move out, it is quite probable that no human woman would want him. On the webpages I have seen, many say “Don’t judge”. The problem is that Dave actually IS hurting someone–Dave. Whether or not Dave’s intellect is high enough to cope with the bump and grind of life is the study of mental health professionals (whose help he is not seeking). It can be argued that Davecat’s agreeing to be on TV was a giant mistake?

    • it is weird, but like i said before, its the same thing as men or women who have had sex toy parties! he just married his sex toy. the one thing that makes it sick is treating it like a human. but everyone deals with there emotions and rejections in there own way! i just wouldn’t have made it public. i think it was for the attention!

  3. Davecat hasn’t lived with his parents for quite some time. Guys and Dolls was shot in 2005, I believe. He and Sidore have an apartment.

    Also, it has nothing to do with there being a shortage of “real” women, Sidore is his first choice. Free your mind and the rest will follow.

  4. I am glad that a doll is his first, and seemingly only, choice – there will be no accidental pregnancies.

  5. I have to say, I watched the show and feel that if that’s the way “Davecat” chooses to live his life with a synthetic doll, then who cares?!? It makes him happy and I think it’s cool, we all live our lives differently, so if you read this Davecat, enjoy your life and live it anyway you feel fit, as long as you are happy nothing else matters 🙂

  6. he could be doing a lot worse. at least he isn’t out there shooting up the movie theaters!
    and who is anyone else to judge anyways, women have sex toy party’s, his is just life size and he married it!

  7. No pregnancy, no arguments, no drama trips, no lying, no emptying of the wallet (unless she breaks again ha ha). He’s gonna be fine. I have to say, I am glad I make a 5 figure income and since I’m a “loser introvert” myself, I should get one myself though I can’t really go as far as to give her a foot rub, heh

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