4 comments on “Vh1’s Single Ladies: A DivaDee Review

  1. don’t get your hopes up, it’s going to be another white women on the show; so it might get really bad just like ‘the game’.

    • I don’t mind the variety of races. I just don’t expect much in a sitcom anymore and to be honest the scenes remind me of a bootleg Sex in the City. I am a huge Sex in the City fan so I’ll probably stay tuned in. But we shall see!

  2. I was initially disappointed in the show. But, just like The Game…I couldn’t turn it off despite how bad it was. Then, it began to get better and better as the minutes passed. The acting is still on a 4th grade level, however like you Dee I feel like they may have something if it continues to get better.

  3. I too don’t put too much stock in watching these new sitcoms or reality foolery…however, I did attempt to watch 35 mins of the show (because that was all the time my brain would allow…I suddenly developed ADD)..but I guess it is a start. I love Stacey Dash and LisaRaye.. yet I wish Queen had chosen a more quality actress to play Keisha’s part maybe Toni Childs or Joan from Grilfriends or even Gabriele Union…Diversity is a must when it comes to black TV shows…we as a people are more apt to watch an “all white cast sitcom or reality show” but unless we have one too

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