5 comments on “New Birth Birthing More Churches?

  1. that photo is so spot on, and he is greedy. i guess he never saw Trick Daddy’s America music video?

  2. How do I love this post let me count the ways… 1) The box of Lace Front! Priceless! Lol
    2) Bishop Queen Mother Long heading to the same city as one of the accused… Red Flag! Maybe this time he’s going to break into the young man’s mansion (because we know he has one by now, and look he didn’t even have to wait till heavens gate opened for him) and Eddie is heading over there to steal all of his settlement back. Uh, it is a recession. Lol 3) Bishop Queen Mother Lacefront Long, asking for $500 to $1,000 to assist with the cause (I don’t care what he calls it, but we know the truth) of touching more boys that this time know how to keep their mouth closed… well he may find one or two in Birmingham, I hear the kids there love Mother Long.

    Oh I could go on with the reasons why I loved this post, but I don’t want to use all of your comment space. 😉 Great post though, I needed that laugh for the day! 😀

    • Thanks for stopping by! Glad I could bring a laugh to an issue that is so disgusting! We all know God will allow a fool to ponder for a little while to teach those that are confused a few things…I guess he aint through teaching us nor Eddie just yet!

      • Not even close. We all still have so much to learn, we just have to remain open to what’s being said. 😉

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