5 comments on “Remove My Peen or Pay Me My Money: Says the Virginia Inmate

  1. Where do I even start?! Probably with the most reasonable question, IS SHE CRAZY?!! Does she really think the big state of VA will help her with this foolishness?! I would recommend her to finish cutting… heck or find a Sugar Daddy or something. She has completely lost every last marble in her little bag! I used to live in Virginia about 5 years ago… and they make you pay for a city sticker to put on your car and then charge you property tax on that same car if you own it… Sister Gurl, chances are really slim, I think she need a sleepy tic tac. Because baby, she needs a nap something serious! LMBO 😀

  2. Get out of jail and pay for it yourself. All they owe you is the time you received for going to prison……Foolish!

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