Diva Dee’s Distinguished Dashboard

Daily motivation is a requirement in my life and helps to push me forward successfully. I have been blessed to have great people placed in my life whether for a season or a lifetime that have motivated and molded the person I am today. I have also come across some great motivational and positive thinkers on Twitter that I would like to recognize. The below honorees are influential in ensuring that my social network experience remains positive and uplifting.

Tony Gaskins, Jr.: follow him on Twitter or check out his Accomplishments.

Bishop Dale C. Bronner: follow him on Twitter and check out the amazing work he is doing through his congregation at Word of Faith Family Cathedral.

NinaBrown: follow her on Twitter and check out her story and detailed blog at I Am Nina Brown!

Aqiyl Qasim: follow him on Twitter to view his insightful thoughts. You can also get more in-depth discussions at Aqiyl’s Forum.

Tiffanie Tillman: follow her on Twitter to catch her enlightening views on various thought-provoking topics!  Stay up to date on her great points at the Gripping Conversation Facebook page .  You can also listen to her live discussions Tuesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on Gripping Conversations with Tiffanie Tillman.

Quentin McCall: follow him on Twitter to catch his insightful tweets on relationships, love, and self-healing.  Check out his website and get his free audio updates at Mr. McCall’s Internet Corner.

I would urge you to follow these folks immediately on Twitter . The experience would be well worth it. Also, if you have any other suggestions that should be added to the DashBoard please free to leave a comment below!

6 comments on “Diva Dee’s Distinguished Dashboard

  1. you didn’t suggest for them to follow Rev Run or Tyrese??? Ok, i’m sorry I know this is for grown folk but now that is out of my system….CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SITE!!!!

  2. Excellent! Your blog has quite a few readers. How did you get all of these readers to see your blog I’m envious! I’m still learning all about article writing on the internet. I’m going to look around on your blog to get a better understanding how to get more visable. Thank you!

    • Feel free to take a look around in the various categories and just enjoy the postings. Thanks for stopping by and I pray you have nothing but great success with your website!

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